Journey Gong is a New York-based artist who presents his poetic interpretations of cultural landscapes through photography.

Born and raised in a small factory town in rural Northwestern China during the Cultural Revolution, Gong moved to the United States as a young adult. The experience of culture shift has had a great influence on his work. Not only does he appreciate the most celebrated, but also cherishes the often overlooked.

Gong takes special interest in the drama and composition of his photographs, and the visual excitement of light, color and space. Guided by the creative writing process he developed during his academic training, his serialized photographs are concise and rich in emotion. From creating the concept, to finalizing the image selection, he often works on a series for years. Based on a common theme, each image within a series can stand alone as a visual poem, or form a narrative when displayed together.

Gong’s work has been awarded and honored by Fine Art Photography Awards, International Photo Awards, Independent Photographer Color Photography Award, and ND Awards Photo Contest. His series were featured on The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Magazine, Lost At E Minor, Objects Magazine, Sixth Fitch, and We and the Color.